Hi.  My name is Oliver. I learned to drive before I needed to take a test.

When I decided to go for a test I knew I needed some lessons to get me to test standard.

I contacted a few and picked one of the national companies.

The instructor took me out and told me I would need about 20 lessons, but he then started to

mess me about and he kept missing my lessons or changing the time.

So I got fed up with him and went back to Google to find another instructor.

This time I picked David who talked common sense right from the start.

He took me out on the first lesson, at the end of which he told me to book my test straight away.

I did that and in the week before the test David gave me 3 lessons to brush up my habits and I passed the test first time.


So if you don't want to get ripped off use David, he doesn't string you along for more money.

He will put you in for your test as soon as you are ready, no messing around.